Options Account

Manage and keep track of your personal charitable donations with a Charitable Giving Options Account.
You can use your Options Account to store and accumulate funds until you decide to make a donation.

Manage your account with ease online:

• Check your account balance

• View previous transactions

• Create an eVoucher (one-off donations)

• Manage your Standing Orders (regular donations)


  Funding your account

Funding can be from:


Pre-tax income

Regular funding of at least £1 per week or £5 per month is required.

Make tax-efficient deposits through your employer’s Payroll Giving scheme. Provided they have a scheme with us; or


Post-tax income

Minimum funding of £60 per annum is required.

Donations made this way may be eligible for a Gift Aid enhancement. Please contact us for more information on setting up funding this way.


  Making donations from your account

When you decide to donate, you can log in to Options Online and either:


Create an eVoucher, to send a one-off donation to your chosen charity; or


Set up a Standing Order, to send funds regularly to your chosen charity


Donations can be made to any UK registered charity or charitable organisation recognised by HMRC for tax purposes.


We aim to distribute Standing Order donations by BACS to your chosen charities no later than the 5th of the month and eVoucher payments within 10 working days of receipt. Assuming availability of funds and charity information.


  Setting up an account

Pre-tax funded

You can only fund your account from your pre-tax income if your employer/pension provider operates their Payroll Giving scheme with us.


Please complete the Individual Options Account section of our online Donation Choice Form. A PDF version is available in Downloads.


Post-tax funded

For post-tax funding applications, please contact us.


  Account Charges

Charges apply to deposits as follows:


  • Pre Tax (Payroll Giving) - No additional charge other than any which may have been incurred to administer the Payroll Giving scheme.

  • Post Tax - 4%, up to a maximum of £20.

  Options Account Terms & Conditions

The main features are summarised below:

  • No interest will accrue on funds held in an Individual Options Account.
  • Gift Aid will be credited to accounts as a separate deposit once received from HMRC.
  • Disbursements must be made to charity at least once every 2 years.


Please read our full Terms & Conditions, a PDF version is available in Downloads.