Corporate Options Account

A Corporate Options Account can be used to store and accumulate funds for your charitable giving activities. These accounts offer two significant benefits - convenience and control. Funds associated with a specific charitable goal can be easily identified, contained and managed.

Your account can be managed with ease through Options Online, allowing you to:

  • Check your account balance
  • View previous transactions
  • Create an eVoucher (one-off donations)
  • Manage your Standing Orders (regular donations)

  Uses of a Corporate Options Account

Our clients use their Corporate Options Accounts for a variety of purposes, for example:


  • Depositing funds to cover the administration fees for Payroll Giving, Every Penny Helps or other charitable giving
  • Collecting employees’ Payroll Giving deductions on behalf of “Charity of the Year” or other special appeals
  • Depositing funds to cover the “matching” of employees’ Payroll Giving deductions or other fundraising activities
  • Collecting other funds raised from post-tax income which may qualify for a Gift Aid enhancement


  Operation of account

Making Deposits

  • Deposits can be made by BACS or bank transfer to your account. Funds are required to be accompanied by a remittance advice/email confirmation.
  • We will provide our bank details when we send confirmation that your account has been opened.
  • Monies stored in a Corporate Options Account do not accrue interest.


Making Disbursements

  • Separate online management is available for each named account.
  • Instructions to make disbursements to charity can be made by eVoucher, Standing Order or payment schedule by arrangement. There is a standard charge of £3.50 for disbursements to charity.
  • Other disbursements may be initiated by Charitable Giving depending on the purpose of the account, e.g. for paying administration charges or to cover your ‘matching’ costs.


  Set up an account

Please contact us to apply for a Corporate Options Account. It may take up to 10 working days for us to set up your account.


Once your account has been opened we will send you an email advising our bank details to enable you to make an initial deposit of funds.


At the same time you will be able to register for online account management.