Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 May Update
More wonderful news! Our April distribution figures were even higher than predicted. A total of over £1.5M of Payroll Giving Donations are on their way to UK Registered Charities & Charitable Organisations... Read more...

COVID -19 May Update

4th May 2020

More wonderful news! Our April distribution figures were even higher than predicted…..

A total of over £1.5M of Payroll Giving Donations are on their way to UK Registered Charities & Charitable Organisations today!

Despite all the challenges that the COVID-19 Crisis has presented, our Employer Clients and their Employees have demonstrated incredible resolve, determination and generosity. Payroll Giving donations have just kept on coming - surpassing all our expectations!  

We thank everyone on behalf of their chosen charities and those ultimately benefiting from the amazing work that they are doing.

Payroll Giving has proved again that it is such a great way for so many to make a real difference, and the sustainability of regular donations (large or small) is now the lifeblood of so many charities. Don’t forget donors can make or add a tax efficient one-off donation to their regular giving if they wish too!

Though we are currently reduced in numbers and our working practices very different to those we were previously accustomed to, I am pleased to confirm that the Charitable Giving team have really done all stakeholders in Payroll Giving proud! They have risen to the challenge in what I am coming to think of as ‘the CG way’ working tirelessly to ensure funds are processed efficiently and able to reach beneficiaries promptly - and despite unprecedented circumstances have achieved a near record monthly distribution figure for April 2020!

So…. Whether you are reading this as an Employer, a Donor, a Charity (or all three!) please be assured that the team here are ready and willing to assist. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information about setting up a new Payroll Giving scheme, promoting an existing one or making use of our other supportive services and workplace giving ideas.

Just a reminder that our working hours are currently slightly reduced to ensure the protection and wellbeing of individuals during this difficult time. Phone lines will be answered Monday – Friday between 9am & 3pm or you can email us anytime on and we will respond as promptly as we are able.

Keep well, keep safe and keep helping us to help others – there’s no doubt that together we are Making a World of Difference!

Clare Mortimore
CEO Charitable Giving

Update re COVID-19 Business Continuity

2nd April 2020

Despite unprecedented challenges this month I am delighted to start with some fantastic news!

Charitable Giving has today distributed an amazing £1.2M of Payroll Giving donations to UK Charities & Charitable Organisations – the best possible news for those in greater need than ever.

Of course we couldn’t have done this without the commitment of our amazing Employer Clients and their equally committed and generous Employees – THANK YOU all so much – there is no doubt you really are making a world of difference!

During this worrying and uncertain time Payroll Giving is more important than ever. Not only is it tax effective for donors but it is also one of the only income streams available for charities who have seen almost all direct fundraising events cancelled.

Please be assured that Charitable Giving is ready to help and will maintain key services via the comprehensive and robust Business Continuity Plan now in place. Government advice and the health and wellbeing of our team is our priority. We now have safe and secure homeworking facilities enabled to ensure we continue to maintain an excellent standard of service over the coming weeks. We believe we have resources sufficient to meet existing client, donor and charity expectations and in addition can quickly and easily facilitate the setup of new Payroll Giving Schemes or the enhancement (e.g. Matching or Promotion) of those already in place.

Please do get in touch if you would like to set up a new scheme, organise a digital promotion, discuss short or long term matching – or indeed find out more about our other services.

Our office remains open albeit with a skeleton staff so please bear with us if we take a little longer than usual to answer the phone! An email to is easier for us to manage and please be assured all our email inboxes are being monitored regularly.

Keep well, keep safe and most of all keep in touch - so we can continue to make a difference together!


Clare Mortimore
CEO Charitable Giving

COVID-19: Our response to the challenges ahead

23rd March 2020

We are facing challenging and uncertain times, and we share your concerns about the spread of COVID – 19. Like you we have friends and family among vulnerable groups. Like you we are unsure what this means for the business community. We are fully aware that during this difficult and extended period, charities will play an even more vital part in meeting the needs of the sick, elderly and vulnerable. Please be assured that Charitable Giving has a robust Business Continuity Plan and is fully committed to processing and distributing the regular donations pledged by so many loyal donors. The cancellation of large Fundraising Events will undoubtedly impact significantly on charity income so digital donation methods are going to be key to their survival - and of course Payroll Giving donations in particular because they are regular, tax efficient for donors and admin efficient for beneficiaries. Our team are fully briefed and taking appropriate precautions, our IT infrastructure and payment system is being tested and reviewed daily. Our intention is to keep the office and our phone lines open but we have introduced safe and secure homeworking for key individuals as a precaution. It is difficult to predict exactly how the situation will evolve or how long it will take to return to normality, but please be assured that we will be working round the clock to ensure that together we are making that all important difference!

The Charitable Giving Team