Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 August Update

2nd August 2021

Another great month for donations!

Payroll Giving is certainly making its point when it comes to sustainability! July processing has again seen over £1.3Million pounds donated all of which will be on its way today to an ever-increasing number of nominated charities. We know how much this regular income means to them and its wonderful that so many are taking it upon themselves to promote Payroll Giving to their corporate partners.

As a result of their efforts and those of the Professional Fundraising Organisations, the uplift in new companies offering Payroll Giving is continuing and we are pleased to be setting up schemes at quite an incredible rate. We are speaking regularly with employers needing advice on both set up and promotion and also those looking to increase participation within existing schemes.

All great news, as other forms of fundraising continue to struggle despite the relaxing of lockdown restrictions.

As reported previously, the CG team will continue with our new normal ‘hybrid’ blend of home and office working and we intend to keep that going through until the end of the year at least. We are so fortunate to have sufficient space to enable those in the office to distance and work safely, while ensuring our friendly and efficient service remains available for those wishing to call us.

So – we’ve all enjoyed the Football (didn’t they do well?) and now it’s the Olympics and Team GB are doing brilliantly! Our office freezer is stocked with Ice Creams, and we are all hoping to see a return to some warm and sunny weather as we plan a variety of staycations through August & September! There’s nowhere better (in my opinion) than all that the wonderful UK has to offer just as long as the weather stays fine - but pandemic or not that is one thing that’s definitely beyond our control!

All being well, this may be my last COVID Update as we learn to live with and accept the threat posed by the virus. How fortunate we are that our vaccination programme has been such a success - and here’s hoping that continues and case rates remain manageable.

Whether you are an Employer, Donor or Charity, whether you are already involved with Payroll Giving or wishing to get involved, please keep in touch, and let us know if you think we can help - and again huge thanks to EVERYONE whose efforts combined continue to make such a world of difference!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

Covid-19 June Update

21st June 2021

Business as usual at CG…

Today is the summer solstice and was the day we all hoped would be ‘freedom day’ – sadly neither the weather nor the COVID related data appear to be playing ball! For the CG team though it’s business as usual (or as per our new normal anyway) and all hands are on deck as we continue to manage the uplift in Payroll Giving donations.

It’s amazing news across the sector that Payroll Giving donations are confirmed to have increased across APGO member agencies by 6% - and at a time when charities are so incredibly reliant on them given continued restrictions see many other fundraising methods continue to be suspended.

We have had the pleasure this month of distributing our employer Quality Mark Certificates – well deserved recognition for our many clients who have supported their employees in their charitable efforts through times of unprecedented difficulty. Charities continue to feed back their grateful thanks for this lifeline which enables them to continue their incredibly valuable work. THANK YOU all and WELL DONE, your generosity is hugely appreciated by charities, the majority of whom are finding their services increasingly in demand.

So – the new normal for us continues, our team are working hard processing your donations and offering our usual friendly and efficient service. We are available to set up a new scheme promptly or assist in enhancing an existing one. We are here to help if you need advice on adding matching to your scheme or if you are interested in ways of promoting it further to encourage additional participation. Why not think about what it would take to get to the next level QM Award?

Our office hours remain Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm (at least!) so do give us a call or email if you think we can help.

Last but by no means least, important to add how excited we all are to be FINALLY coming together this week (outdoors and in a COVID secure way of course) to celebrate the 90th Birthday of Charitable Giving’s founder Bill Lane (affectionately known to us as Mr Payroll Giving!) What a milestone and although now retired, Bill continues to show a keen interest in the business and the Payroll Giving ‘world’ in general. CONGRATULATIONS Bill and thank you for providing us with such an ideal excuse to celebrate on Thursday – you continue to be our inspiration and without your interest, drive and enthusiasm for charitable work, none of us would have had this fantastic opportunity to make such a World of Difference together!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving


Covid-19 April Update

10th April 2021

A huge mix of emotions…

March was another exceptional month for Payroll Giving donations which led to another £1.5M+ distribution for us in early April – we continue to be delighted with the uplift in charitable activity we are experiencing and feel incredibly proud to be assisting more and more employers to set up a scheme and offer access to this tax efficient fundraising method to their employees.

Excitement personally too, as we enjoy the fine Spring weather and look forward to the next step on the Government’s Road Map towards easing lockdown restrictions. The opportunity to meet up with friends again and even maybe stay away overnight is incredibly welcome as it seems such a long time ago that any of us were able to access these previously routine activities!

However, despite all this positive and cause for celebration, the news of the passing of The Duke of Edinburgh yesterday left us in sombre mood - and we paused to reflect on his outstanding commitment to both the country and over 750 charitable causes over so many years of life. A long and great life and certainly one to celebrate, but our hearts and thoughts are with Her Majesty The Queen and other members of the Royal Family as they cope with their loss and progress through this most difficult time.

As COVID related restrictions continue nationally, the Royal Family have requested donations to charity rather than flowers or public attendance at events. In line with their wishes, we will be making both individual and collective donations to causes that were close to Prince Philip’s heart.

If you are one of our Options (Charity) Account holders, you may wish to use accumulated funds to make a donation – or alternatively pledge a one-off Payroll Giving donation in his memory.

Please contact us if you require any assistance. Our office is open weekdays (excluding Bank Holidays) from 9am to 4pm and our friendly and efficient team will be happy to help with any general enquiries on 01822 611180 or

Thanks again to all our fantastic Employer Clients and their employees who continue to ensure this amazing level of support continues to Make a World of Difference within the Charity Sector.

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID–19 March Update

8th March 2021

The first tentative steps…

How exciting to see children on their way to school this morning at last, and lovely to know that those in Care Homes can finally have a visitor – so much of what we have taken for granted before, now feels like reason to celebrate!

Another reason for celebration here at CG is last month’s Payroll Giving distribution figures. Exceptional again at well over £1.5M! We are delighted and grateful to ALL contributors to this amazing effort which is putting Payroll Giving as a method of Fundraising well and truly ‘up there’ as a top performer.

The team here have again worked exceptionally hard, and as well as continued uplift in demand for new Payroll Giving Schemes, we have seen a record month for new charities being nominated to receive donations. Illustration of how the ‘reach’ of Payroll Giving is spreading and starting to benefit even more organisations including smaller, new, or less well-known charities.

Despite huge optimism around the Government’s road map to unlocking the restrictions that COVID -19 forced upon us, clients may be reassured that we plan to continue our working practices much as before for the foreseeable future. Homeworking and other COVID safe practices will continue to be in place given the whole team agree – our ‘new normal’ works, so why change it!?

Office hours will continue to be 9am to 4pm and all mailboxes monitored frequently.

We would be delighted to hear from you if we can advise on enhancing an existing Payroll Giving Scheme or setting up a new one. Do call us on 01822 611180 or better still contact us on and we will come back to you just as soon as we are able!

Many, many thanks once again to the superb CG team and all our wonderful and increasingly generous donors. There can be no doubt about the World of Difference we are making - and long may that continue!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID–19 February Update

9th February 2021

Business as Usual!

How unbelievable to be approaching 12 months since we all first heard of a new mystery illness called COVID – 19, and how much everything has changed in that time! There have been so many anxieties and losses absorbing our thoughts on a daily basis and our hearts go out to all those who have suffered bereavement or ill health at the hands of this frightening disease.

Despite everything there have also been incredibly heartening tales of spirit, determination and generosity from the British Public. As we fondly remember Sir Tom and his stoic efforts to support NHS Charities when they needed it most, we also continue to be thrilled and amazed at the philanthropic efforts of our Employer Clients and their Employees.

Our early February distribution of Payroll Giving donations was not far short of £1.5M – significantly up on our usual ‘norm’ of £1.2M. The lifeline that Payroll Giving has offered to charities through the pandemic is definitely here to stay and we join with other stakeholders in the sector this week to support the first ever Payroll Giving Week!

As infection rates come down and we read daily of the terrifically successful vaccination programme rolling out across the UK, we are cautiously optimistic that we are approaching a time when more freedoms (and holidays!) will return. However, our COVID safe practices will continue for as long as is safe and sensible – in fact some of them possibly indefinitely as so many efficiencies have been identified and flexible working is something that is bringing out the best in our diligent team members.

Whilst it is true to say that the team are stretched given the huge uplift in demand for our services, we are still here to help and never lose sight of our own charitable mission to encourage, facilitate and inspire regular giving to charity.

Many thanks as ever to all our supporters, employer clients and the hard-working team – we certainly are Making a World of Difference together!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID–19 January Update

5th January 2021

Happy New Year & Lockdown 3!

Yes, it certainly does feel like two steps forward and three back doesn’t it?! SO frustrating though sadly inevitable given the challenges the country is facing.

As we begin a New Year we all hope and believe will be better, it seems that enhanced restrictions to combat COVID are set to continue through until Spring at least.

Happily, Charitable Giving is well prepared and resourced as we spent the latter part of last year recruiting new team members and further developing electronic solutions and efficiencies – in response to an uplift in both Payroll Giving & Corporate distribution work coming our way. What a wonderful position to be in and long may it continue!

Many thanks indeed to both our new and long-standing clients for their commitment to the sector and Payroll Giving in particular which is proving once again to be one of very few financial lifelines remaining for so many charities.

During December the CG Team processed almost £1.3Million of Payroll Giving donations, making a total in excess of £16Million for 2020!

Despite the disappointment of a further Lockdown, we are excited to begin the New Year with so many extra clients and so much interest in our services. We will continue to keep our office open with just a few key team members, while others work remotely - so please let us know if you are an Employer, Charity or Donor wondering how you can make use of HMRC’s Payroll Giving Scheme or any of our other workplace giving services.

Our phone lines remain open 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday or you may access our website ‘live chat’ facility or email us on

Wishing you all well and safe through this next (and hopefully final) chapter!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID–19 November Update

2nd November 2020

And again, a sustained response from our Payroll Giving distribution figures with over £1.2M processed and distributed by the amazing CG team today!

We certainly have been busy, as interest in new Payroll Giving Schemes and Corporate support for Workplace Giving incentives sees a continued uplift. The best possible news for needy charities!

Whether you are already one of our valued clients or completely new to Charitable Giving, and/or the Payroll Giving ‘world’ please get in touch if you would like to know more.

We are keen to offer advice on how employers can quickly and easily set up a new scheme, add one of a range of matching incentives to an existing scheme or take advantage of our Every Penny Helps or Corporate Fund Management Services – all fundamental to maintaining consistent support for charities through this continued period of uncertainty.

When I last wrote in August, the country was enjoying an easing of restrictions and most people planning or already enjoying a summer holiday or ‘staycation’ at least! Now along with the darker evenings (and very wet weather!) we hear that a National Lockdown is to be introduced for the second time.

Despite the extension of the Furlough Scheme, we are hearing of inevitable redundancies amongst Corporates and our thoughts remain with all our employer clients, their employees and of course the huge number of charities who are facing significant hardship.

Please be assured that Charitable Giving is here to help, and our now tried and tested Business Continuity Plan is working well. We have a mixture of home and office working in place for the team to ensure that our clients get the best service, whilst employees are kept safe and well!

Our intention is to keep the office open from 9am – 4pm and our phone lines manned - though an email is often easier for us to manage or direct to the appropriate team member for response. 

Just like the rest of the UK we expect the next few months to be incredibly challenging but we are confident that thanks to our generous clients, Payroll Giving (and other) donations will keep flowing and reach the causes that depend on them each and every month.

Together we know we really are Making a World of Difference!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID–19 August Update

17th August 2020

Great news again – another near record-breaking month for Charitable Giving, with Payroll Giving donations of over £1.5M distributed at the beginning of this month!

Our Employer clients and their wonderfully generous employees, including those working at the very highest level have proved beyond all doubt that Payroll Giving is an incredibly resilient and sustainable method of fundraising!

So – why am I late writing this month’s update? Only because our hard working team have been catching up on well deserved leave and while that’s been going on, it’s been ‘all hands on deck’ with processing and other aspects of day to day business – it is absolutely and always our priority to ensure that the flow of funds to charity is not interrupted!

Despite some of the recent unwelcome and disruptive restrictions on international travel, it is exciting to see lockdown restrictions continue to ease in most areas of the UK, and we all welcome the opportunity to return to the relative normality of visiting non-essential shops and meeting friends again. I am personally particularly delighted to have had the opportunity for a long overdue visit to the hairdressers!

However, despite this easing of lockdown the CG team is committed to continue observing the strictest possible health and hygiene regimes in the workplace. We will maintain Social Distancing as before and continue to encourage a combination of both home and office working – to ensure the health and wellbeing of our team and a robust business continuity plan to tackle whatever lies ahead of us during the next few months.

In the meanwhile, while Summer is just about still with us, and in the absence of opportunity for a staff summer event or celebration, we have stocked our office freezer with delicious ice creams courtesy of our local supplier – a well deserved treat for the hardworking team!

Again, my grateful thanks to all our Employer Clients, their Employees and all the Charities that are promoting Payroll Giving – there is no doubt that we are making an amazing difference together!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID-19 July Update

1st July 2020

As we all take tentative steps towards a return to some level of ‘normality’ and the easing of lockdown restrictions this month, I think we are also aware that many aspects of our lives may never be quite the same again. What with continued Social Distancing, queuing to enter shops and the prospect of registering to eat or drink out – not to mention the need to pay for everything electronically. I don’t know about you, but it seems forever since I have even been inside a non-essential shop nor set eyes on any ‘real’ money!

However, I am delighted to report that one thing that has remained consistent so far is our Processing figures! The £1.2 Million we have distributed to needy charities today confirms Payroll Giving as a top choice when it comes to sustainable fundraising. We are seeing some very sizeable regular and one-off donations being passed through the system and have been made aware of many more to come. Digital platforms are becoming increasingly popular of course, as many engage with their philanthropic side from the comfort of their own home. Our own online sign-up facility is available free of charge through our website to Payroll Giving clients. If you are not already using it (or an alternative) then you may like to check it out here.

We continue to set up schemes for new clients and their employees and we are receiving an increase in queries from charities encouraging their corporate partners to engage with Payroll Giving too. Please access more info on quickly and easily setting up a scheme with us here.

All this is good news indeed and long may it continue - though in reality the sector is expecting a downturn as inevitable economic factors caused by the COVID-19 crisis start to have a real impact on a large proportion of the working population.

Charitable Giving continues to show resilience and as per Government advice is committed to keeping our workforce safe and meeting client expectations. Homeworking for some team members will be a feature for the foreseeable future and we are pleased to be welcoming another furloughed team member back to the office this week!

Our opening hours remain Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm – so if you would like to speak to a team member do give us a call! Alternatively send us an email to as our mailboxes are monitored regularly.

My grateful thanks again to the dedicated and hardworking CG team and our amazing Employer Clients and their Employees who are the key to Making a World of Difference together!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID-19 June Update

1st June 2020

…and we’ve done it again! 

Over £1.2M of PG Donations has been disbursed today.

So, Payroll Giving is certainly proving it is not only tax efficient but sustainable as a donation mechanism – and feedback from charities suggests they couldn’t be more grateful or delighted!

It is clear that we all still face extraordinary times and that any progress towards a new and more stable ‘normal’ may be painstakingly slow. However, in line with Government Guidance Charitable Giving is beginning to take some small steps to increase capacity within its additional services and extend opening hours a little further - while still maintaining strict Hygiene and Social Distancing practices within the workplace.

Several team members will continue working from home, however from this week our office and phone lines will be manned until 4pm again - and we are delighted to welcome one of our furloughed team members back to assist us in managing an uplift in correspondence.

In the last month we have processed some amazingly large one-off donations and although a downturn was expected, we have in fact so far seen an increase in the level of regular giving donations from salary too.

More companies than ever are getting in touch with us to discuss enhancing their scheme (e.g. with Matching or a Special Appeal) or request a new scheme if they do not already have one in place.

I am sure you will agree that this is the very best news and extremely encouraging as we move towards the next ‘chapter’!

Huge thanks again to all our wonderful Employer Clients, their generous Employees and now Charities who are additionally assisting us by promoting Payroll Giving.

Last but certainly not least, my grateful thanks to the terrific CG team members who have worked so hard to ensure client expectations are met. They have risen magnificently to the ‘COVID’ crisis and whilst it may not be over yet, we have certainly proven that we are resilient and up for the challenge!

Thank you all for your continued support and for helping us to make a World of Difference to so many.

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID -19 May Update

4th May 2020

More wonderful news! Our April distribution figures were even higher than predicted…..

A total of over £1.5M of Payroll Giving Donations are on their way to UK Registered Charities & Charitable Organisations today!

Despite all the challenges that the COVID-19 Crisis has presented, our Employer Clients and their Employees have demonstrated incredible resolve, determination and generosity. Payroll Giving donations have just kept on coming - surpassing all our expectations!  

We thank everyone on behalf of their chosen charities and those ultimately benefiting from the amazing work that they are doing.

Payroll Giving has proved again that it is such a great way for so many to make a real difference, and the sustainability of regular donations (large or small) is now the lifeblood of so many charities. Don’t forget donors can make or add a tax efficient one-off donation to their regular giving if they wish too!

Though we are currently reduced in numbers and our working practices very different to those we were previously accustomed to, I am pleased to confirm that the Charitable Giving team have really done all stakeholders in Payroll Giving proud! They have risen to the challenge in what I am coming to think of as ‘the CG way’ working tirelessly to ensure funds are processed efficiently and able to reach beneficiaries promptly - and despite unprecedented circumstances have achieved a near record monthly distribution figure for April 2020!

So…. Whether you are reading this as an Employer, a Donor, a Charity (or all three!) please be assured that the team here are ready and willing to assist. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information about setting up a new Payroll Giving scheme, promoting an existing one or making use of our other supportive services and workplace giving ideas.

Just a reminder that our working hours are currently slightly reduced to ensure the protection and wellbeing of individuals during this difficult time. Phone lines will be answered Monday – Friday between 9am & 3pm or you can email us anytime on and we will respond as promptly as we are able.

Keep well, keep safe and keep helping us to help others – there’s no doubt that together we are Making a World of Difference!

Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

Update re COVID-19 Business Continuity

2nd April 2020

Despite unprecedented challenges this month I am delighted to start with some fantastic news!

Charitable Giving has today distributed an amazing £1.2M of Payroll Giving donations to UK Charities & Charitable Organisations – the best possible news for those in greater need than ever.

Of course we couldn’t have done this without the commitment of our amazing Employer Clients and their equally committed and generous Employees – THANK YOU all so much – there is no doubt you really are making a world of difference!

During this worrying and uncertain time Payroll Giving is more important than ever. Not only is it tax effective for donors but it is also one of the only income streams available for charities who have seen almost all direct fundraising events cancelled.

Please be assured that Charitable Giving is ready to help and will maintain key services via the comprehensive and robust Business Continuity Plan now in place. Government advice and the health and wellbeing of our team is our priority. We now have safe and secure homeworking facilities enabled to ensure we continue to maintain an excellent standard of service over the coming weeks. We believe we have resources sufficient to meet existing client, donor and charity expectations and in addition can quickly and easily facilitate the setup of new Payroll Giving Schemes or the enhancement (e.g. Matching or Promotion) of those already in place.

Please do get in touch if you would like to set up a new scheme, organise a digital promotion, discuss short or long term matching – or indeed find out more about our other services.

Our office remains open albeit with a skeleton staff so please bear with us if we take a little longer than usual to answer the phone! An email to is easier for us to manage and please be assured all our email inboxes are being monitored regularly.

Keep well, keep safe and most of all keep in touch - so we can continue to make a difference together!


Clare Mortimore
Charitable Giving

COVID-19: Our response to the challenges ahead

23rd March 2020

We are facing challenging and uncertain times, and we share your concerns about the spread of COVID – 19. Like you we have friends and family among vulnerable groups. Like you we are unsure what this means for the business community. We are fully aware that during this difficult and extended period, charities will play an even more vital part in meeting the needs of the sick, elderly and vulnerable. Please be assured that Charitable Giving has a robust Business Continuity Plan and is fully committed to processing and distributing the regular donations pledged by so many loyal donors. The cancellation of large Fundraising Events will undoubtedly impact significantly on charity income so digital donation methods are going to be key to their survival - and of course Payroll Giving donations in particular because they are regular, tax efficient for donors and admin efficient for beneficiaries. Our team are fully briefed and taking appropriate precautions, our IT infrastructure and payment system is being tested and reviewed daily. Our intention is to keep the office and our phone lines open but we have introduced safe and secure homeworking for key individuals as a precaution. It is difficult to predict exactly how the situation will evolve or how long it will take to return to normality, but please be assured that we will be working round the clock to ensure that together we are making that all important difference!

The Charitable Giving Team