Youth Homelessness in the UK

The number of 16 – 25 year olds experiencing homelessness is rising. In London alone, the number of young people forced to sleep rough has doubled in recent years. Individuals experiencing (and at risk of) homelessness are amongst the most socially excluded members of society. The traumatic experiences faced by homeless young people too often result in poor mental health, physical health, and educational attainment. When young people arrive at Centrepoint the majority have experienced some form of abuse or neglect. These young people have no family, no home and nobody to support them.

Young people like John….

Centerpoint John

John had a troubled and unstable childhood. When he was just four years old, his schizophrenic father left the family leaving John - just a child - to bear the brunt of his mother’s attacks.

After years of abuse John escaped to the streets. By the age of 15, John was regularly sleeping on benches or in a derelict flat. He was surrounded by danger, but it was still better than suffering violence at home.

After being admitted to hospital, John was referred to Centrepoint where he was given a safe place to call home and the support to get back in to school and therapy to help him deal with his past.

With Centrepoint’s help and ambitions to become a Communications Analyst, John is now studying A levels in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. John now has hope for his future.

Since 1969, Centrepoint has been helping young people like John. We provide the positive support most homeless young people have never experienced before. More than just a safe place to stay, we provide education, job skills training and mental and physical health support.

89% of centrepoint young people move on positively. Operating services across the country, we now help approximately 8,000 young people every year. Our mission is to give homeless young people a future and our vision is to end youth homelessness.

Become a Centrepoint payroll giver

Being a payroll giver means you can help homeless young people every single month with a manageable donation from your pay. The amount you pledge is deducted from your salary before tax is applied hence a £10 pledge will only cost you £8.00 if you are a standard rate tax payer or just £6.00 if you are a higher rate tax payer. Centrepoint however receives the full £10 you pledged!

Payroll Giving allows you the option of passing on your tax advantage to us by pledging a higher amount i.e. £12.50 which will only ‘cost’ you £10.00 if you are a standard rate tax payer. If you are a higher rate tax payer a pledge of £16.67 will only ‘cost’ you £10.

What your donation can achieve:

If you pledge £10 a month the money you give over one year will help pay for a warm safe room for a homeless young person, giving them the foundation they need to begin rebuilding their lives.

If you pledge £20 a month the money you give us over one year will help pay for a course of therapy sessions for a homeless young person, helping them tackle their traumatic past.

If you pledge £40 a month the money you give over one year will help pay for four homeless young people the support they need to find a work experience and a job, ultimately helping them achieve independent and fulfilling lives.

With your support we can ensure more young people receive the help they need to realise their potential and leave homelessness behind them for good. It’s easy, click here to become a payroll giver today.

Or contact us for more information payrollgiving@centrepoint.org

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