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Please complete the following to give under the Payroll Giving scheme to any UK Registered Charity, Charitable Organisation, or Individual Options Account.

DECLARATION: By completing this form you confirm your understanding that no further tax (Gift Aid) is recoverable on this gift and understand that only gifts to organisations with charitable status within the UK can be accepted. No gift can be made as a membership subscription or to pay for goods and services supplied.

If you wish to specify more than three charities, please complete an additional form.

If you have any questions, please contact Charitable Giving by telephoning 01822 611180 or
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Please specify only one type of deduction, either MONTHLY, WEEKLY or ONE-OFF. For Monthly/Weekly deductions, please tick START for a new deduction, STOP for an existing deduction to be stopped, or AMEND if an existing deduction is to be increased or decreased.

If you are amending a deduction, enter the new amount; if you are replacing one contribution with another, please list the destination and amount of both and indicate STOP for one and START for the other. For a ONE-OFF deduction, please specify the amount(s) only. The minimum deduction is £1.00 per week or £5.00 per month, and £10.00 per month to an Individual Options Account.

Should it be impossible to pass on a donation (e.g. if the charity ceases to exist, or cannot be identified/adequately verified) Charitable Giving shall, at its sole discretion, identify an alternative charity (with similar charitable objectives to that originally nominated) to be the recipient of the donation.

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Charitable Giving (Registered Charity No 1128013 Company Registration No 6754603) is an HMRC-Approved Payroll Giving Agency contracted to your employer to administer the Payroll Giving scheme. Details of only the total Payroll Giving deduction may be transmitted to an employer’s payroll office and will take effect on the first pay day after receipt. Backdating is not permitted. Details provided on this form are protected by the Data Protection Act.

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