Our vision is a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included. We need your support to make this a reality.

Our priorities:

These are the areas of life we want to have the biggest impact on, where there is the most need to see change for the better.

  • Reducing stigma and discrimination
    We want people with a learning disability to experience less stigma and discrimination.

  • Making a difference, here and now
    We want to have contributed to improving the quality of life for people with a learning disability receiving social care services.

  • Supporting friendships and relationships
    We want more people with a learning disability to have stronger friendships and relationships, and be better connected to their communities.

  • Improving health
    We want to see an increase in the skills and understanding of healthcare professionals, so that health outcomes for people with a learning disability improve.

  • Early intervention
    We want more children with a learning disability, aged 0-5, to have better health and development, improved cognitive skills, and stronger social and interpersonal skills – and families must have access to the support they need to raise their child independently.

  • Employment
    We want more people with a learning disability to have real jobs in the open labour market, and for more employers to know that people with a learning disability make good workers when supported properly.

For more information visit www.mencap.org.uk.

Why Payroll Giving?

Donations are deducted before tax, so each £1 you give will only cost you 80p. If you're a higher rate tax payer, it will only cost you 60p.

That means a donation of £10 per month, for example, will cost the basic rate tax payer £8, and a higher rate tax payer £6 – the taxman pays the rest! Also, because your donation is taken straight from your gross (pre-tax) pay, there is no need for us to claim any tax back through Gift Aid, saving us additional admin costs.

Setting up your regular donation couldn't be easier! Simply visit our website to find out how at www.mencap.org.uk

How does your donation help?

£5 a month could answer a call to the helpline from someone desperately seeking advice and support.

£10 monthly could help pay for a one-to-one session for someone leaving college, informing them about Mencap employment and support services.

£25 each month could go towards buying equipment that will help a child to communicate in our specialist nursery.


If you have more questions, or would like further information about Mencap and how the scheme works, please call 0845 077 0777 or visit www.mencap.org.uk.

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