Downloads - Forms

The following items may be freely downloaded:

Item Released Filename File Size
Employers Payroll Giving Pack* 01/02/18 payrollgivingpack.pdf 196KB
Donation Choice Form 13/03/17 pgdonationchoiceform.pdf 257KB

*This pack contains all the forms and literature required to set up and administer a Payroll Giving scheme with Charitable Giving.

Individual Options Account: Application * 14/05/15 indivoptionsaccappln.pdf 283KB
Individual Options Account: Standing Order Request * 27/10/14 ioasorqt.pdf 154KB

*also available as part of the Individual Options Account: Donor’s Pack in the Literature category.

Individual Options Account: Amend Funding Details 14/05/15 ioaamendfunding.pdf 277KB
Corporate Options Account Application 08/04/16 corpoptionsaccappln.pdf 156KB
Every Penny Helps: Contract/Corporate Options Account Application* 13/08/15 ephcontract.pdf 154KB
Every Penny Helps: Group Gift Aid Declaration* 24/10/14 ephgroupgadecln.pdf 153KB
Every Penny Helps: Individual Gift Aid Declaration* 24/10/14 ephindivgadecln.pdf 149KB

* also available as part of the Every Penny Helps: Employer’s Pack in the Literature category.

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